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Richie Brace – Dynamic Assist



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With a contoured balanced orthotic footplate articulated to adjustable semi-rigid lower leg uprights, the Richie Brace is ideally suited to stabilise rotational forces at the Midtarsal, Subtalar and Talo-Crural Joints. Modifications and enhancements are available to add further restriction of motion in the sagittal, frontal or transverse plane.

Clinical Indications:

  • Adult Acquired Flatfoot secondary to PTTD
  • Lateral Ankle Instability
  • DJD of Ankle or Rearfoot
  • Peroneal Tendinopathy
  • Dropfoot (Restricted Pivot or Dynamic Assist options).

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom Orthotic Footplate: Intrinsic Posting of forefoot varus/ valgus, contoured medial and lateral arches, optimal position of first ray
  • 35 millimeter Contoured Heel Cup: Frontal plane control of calcaneus
  • Anatomic Ankle Hinge Placement: Pure, unrestricted sagittal plane ankle motion for performance and comfort.

TGA Registered: ARTG No 178252


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